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Snstorage After-sales Service Policy:

Snstorage warranty

We offer replacement service for problem products. Problem products must be received by Seller first, then replacement can be send out to Buyer. For only Hdds we accept “replacement first ”, “replacement without return” requests based on below condition:

If Buyer need urgent replacement to be sent - replacement first and then return problem hdds to Seller, Seller provide solution of "deposit for new one and refund when problem hdds is well received by Seller''.

Seller provide "new one as warranty without return" service & charges extra 50% of product unit price as a solution to certain conditions which customer can't send problem hdds back due to sensitive information protection or other reasons but the precondition is Buyer has request this service before payment.

New condition products is 3 years warranty, disassembled products is 3 month warranty. Warranty start from the date buyer receive the products(by Express display the shipments has been signed; by 7 days after China SF Express display the shipments has been signed for those buyer use their own carrier in China).

If Buyer need extra warranty, like 2 year or 3 year warranty, Seller can provide this kind of warranty based on extra fee, charges according to certain items.

What is Not Warranted - Snstorage is Not responsible for the following
1. Human damage (water damage, heavy pressure, drop damage, private disassembly);
2. Appearance damage caused by frequent insertion from Buyer;
3. Over the warranty period;
4. Incorrectly installation and usage after receiving the goods.
5. Buyer give the wrong Part Number to Seller and find out received products can not be used to their machine.
6. Buyer didn't mention before order that they can not send problem Hdds back to Seller, and refuse to apply our solution of "deposit for new one and refund when problem hdds is well received by Seller".
7. Products packing in non-retail package at the request of customers broken or damaged during transportation to buyer. (Seller has provide a good protection)

Warranty procedures

  1. There is a problem with the product
  2. Buyer provide relevant informat(order invoice, Serial Number on Hdds, photoes of hdds installed & problem appear, Error information in server, Video if necessary)
  3. Seller confirm problem Hdd is or is not from Seller based on Serial Number
  4. Seller communicate with buyer to better unserstanding the problem
  5. Seller technicians use video talking or remote software to solve problem if necessary
  6. Buyer send problem hdd back If Seller can not solve problem remotely, Buyer should send the photoes of inner & outer package of returned items to let Seller confirm it’s good condition for shipment.
  7. Seller receive problem Hdd
  8. Seller send replacement to Buyer use the same logistics way the order brought

*Buyer should pay attention to the packing and package for items send back to Seller, use original our package for hdds, which has plastic fixer, to protect items in good condition. Seller can refuse to send replacement once items is broken(Permanently cannot be used) during transportation due to bad protection.

Charges on after sales service

1. After the product is installed into the server, there is a problem of installation error or the machine needs to debug then can make products work normally.
On this situation, Seller's technician will evaluate the level of commissioning, if it's a simple question that normal technician can solve it,our engineers can debug remotely for free. If debugging is difficult, it will cost extra charge.

2. Once the problem confirmed and it need to send back the problem Hdds, for new condition hdds buyer received within 3 months, Buyer bear the shipping fee send to Seller, Seller send replacement free shipping, received over 3 month, buyer bear both side shipping fee for replacement.
For disassembled condition hdds buyer received within 1 month, Buyer bear the shipping fee send to Seller, Seller send replacement free shipping, received over 1 month, buyer bear both side shipping fee for replacement.

3.For non-retail packed shipment which is requested by Buyer, Seller accept this packing according to Buyer’s request and pack in wellprotection condition, but once hdd unluckily broken during transportation, Seller will resend new one hdds but the shipping fee is beared by Buyer.

3-Days return policy

We accept return within 3 days when the product has quality problem, and this problem cause product can't be used, we also accept return without any reason within 3 days after products received. (from the date on the tracking number of Express display "signed" ). It is invalid after the expiry date.

Below condition we don't accept return

1.Products received by Buyer over 3 days.
2.Products received by Buyer and ask for return due to appearance cosmetically look bad, but Seller already told Buyer before payment that it's disassembled/used products or Seller already sent photoes before shipment and Buyer also confirmed accept.

Charges on return

Seller bear the shipping fee back towards to Seller for items return due to product can not work normally. Other situation Buyer bear the shipping fee return to Seller.

Return procedures

  1. Buyer ask for return
  2. Buyer provide relevant information(Photoes of package/Hdds with Serial Number )
  3. Seller confirm products from Seller
  4. Buyer return products with good protection for package.
  5. Seller receive products and check quantity, product condition
  6. Seller confirm well received and refund to Buyer (If product damaged, Seller will deduct certain amount from refund amount according to the degree of damage)

*Buyer should pay attention to the packing and package for items send back to Seller, use original our package for hdds, which has plastic fixer, to protect items in good condition. Seller can refuse to refund Buyer once items is broken(Permanently cannot be used) in transportation due to bad protection.



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